• Pumpkin & pecan cheesecake pie

    Pumpkin & pecan cheesecake pie

    Indulge in our cheesecake pie with homemade pastry, a pumpkin filling and pecan topping. It’s a perfect dessert for autumn

    More effort
  • Sticky ginger loaf cake

    Sticky ginger loaf cake

    Enjoy a slice of sticky ginger cake with a cup of afternoon tea or take along to a coffee morning – it’s always a crowd-pleaser

  • Air-fryer mushrooms on toast

    Air-fryer mushrooms on toast

    Make this speedy brunch or lunch in the air-fryer and serve on its own, or include as part of a bigger breakfast spread

  • Air-fryer roast chicken

    Air-fryer roast chicken

    Cook a whole chicken in the air-fryer for a great way to keep the meat juicy. We’ve created a spice mix to flavour the chicken, too, or you can use your own

  • Fridge-raid one-pan pesto pasta

    Fridge-raid one-pan pesto pasta

    Use up odds and ends hanging around in the fridge to make this pasta. Try courgettes instead of peppers, or other leafy greens in place of the spinach

  • Butterscotch pudding

    Butterscotch pudding

    Be transported back to your childhood with this classic pud. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser topped with fresh cream and chocolate shavings

  • Shredded chicken

    Shredded chicken

    Use this shredded chicken to add to your favourite salads and sandwiches. A useful timesaver, it can be made ahead and kept in the fridge for up to three days

  • Whole roasted cauliflower

    Whole roasted cauliflower

    Wow family and friends at Christmas with a spectacular whole roasted cauliflower. With festive pomegranate jewels, it’s a great veggie main

  • Air-fryer sausage rolls

    Air-fryer sausage rolls

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Make sausage rolls flavoured with apple and sage in the air fryer. If you’ve got a larger machine or a couple of drawers, feel free to double the recipe

  • Air fryer fishcakes

    Air fryer fishcakes

    Dig out your air-fryer to make these moreish Thai-style fishcakes made with red curry paste. The breadcrumbs deliver extra crunch and prevent the fishcakes from sticking to the basket