• Thai prawn noodles

    Thai prawn noodles

    Ready in 30 minutes, this stir-fried prawn, egg and noodle dish is perfect for a midweek meal

  • Prawn, fennel & rocket risotto

    Prawn, fennel & rocket risotto

    This prawn and fennel risotto gets a little extra kick from lemon zest and and rocket – perfect for a dinner party

  • Polenta & mushroom tart

    Polenta & mushroom tart

    This pretty vegetarian main is made from quick-cook cheesy polenta topped with mushrooms, mozzarella, rocket and balsamic vinegar

  • Thai satay prawns

    Thai satay prawns

    Whip up this quick weeknight dinner, with noodles, ginger, coconut milk and frozen peas – ready in 25 minutes

  • Baked gnocchi with kale pesto & ham

    Baked gnocchi with kale pesto & ham

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Bake ready-made gnocchi with walnuts, lemon and mozzarella for a delicious and easy weeknight meal

  • Sesame paneer wraps

    Sesame paneer wraps

    Coat cubes of paneer with crunchy sesame seeds and fry, then wrap with crisp salad for a filling vegetarian lunch or weeknight dinner