• Bread & butter pudding

    Bread & butter pudding

    Transform a stale loaf into this comforting, traditional British dessert, layered up with a rich vanilla custard, dried fruit and lemon zest

  • Halloumi panzanella salad

    Halloumi panzanella salad

    Make a meal of this Italian classic with the addition of pan-fried halloumi and ready-roasted peppers for a 20-minute light lunch or supper

  • Crab risotto

    Crab risotto

    Canned crabmeat makes a delicious addition to this quick and easy risotto with frozen peas and herbs – ready in just 35 minutes

  • Vietnamese chicken wraps

    Vietnamese chicken wraps

    Fill soft flour tortillas with pan-fried chicken, lightly pickled cucumber and carrot for an Asian-style lunch or dinner

  • Pastrami & sweet potato hash

    Pastrami & sweet potato hash

    This easy, meaty one-pot makes a no-fuss weeknight dinner – perfect if you need to follow a gluten-free diet