• Made in China!

    Made in China!

    Farah Sawaf met up with Ken Hom of internationally renowned TV series, 'Ken Hom's Chinese Cookery' fame, and came back blown away by his humility.

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  • Chinn up!

    Chinn up!

    Maverick TV chef Bobby Chinn talks through his colourful journey from Wall Street to Vietnam – with a detour as a stand-up comic in between – on which, a positive, unflappable attitude was his only constant companion.

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  • The inheritance of food

    The inheritance of food

    Gastronomy is something of a family heirloom in the Rostang household. But, that didn’t stop fifth generation chef and multiple Michelin star holder Michel Rostang from being one of the humblest chefs.

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  • The science of gastronomy

    The science of gastronomy

    Molecular gastronomy is not all about dry ice and a bunch of tricks, says Ross Clarke, former creative development chef at Fat Duck experimental kitchen and protégé of Heston Blumenthal.

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  • Nice and nutty!

    Nice and nutty!

    We speak to Manchester-based chef and TV personality Andrew Nutter, billed to be Britain’s ‘next big thing’, on the importance of being nice.

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