• Umami gravy

    Umami gravy

    This gravy packs a real punch, and goes perfectly with roast beef for Sunday lunch. Make a big batch and freeze leftovers ready for the next roast

  • No-stress gravy

    No-stress gravy

    Take the stress out of Christmas dinner prep with our easy five-ingredient gravy. Prep it on the day or make ahead and keep in the freezer until needed

  • Venison madras

    Venison madras

    Use a shop-bought curry paste for this madras, or try making it with our recipe. Using venison makes the dish extra-special, but lamb or beef work well too

  • Peppered beefy Yorkshire puddings

    Peppered beefy Yorkshire puddings

    Beef and cracked pepper are old friends – reunite them once again by peppering up these foolproof Yorkshire puddings, perfect for a Sunday roast

  • Shredded beef chilli taco bowls

    Shredded beef chilli taco bowls

    Serve these crunchy taco bowls with a choice of toppings for a flavour-packed crowd-pleaser. You won't need plates – just lots of napkins

  • Super-versatile meatballs

    Super-versatile meatballs

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Serve these meatballs Swedish-style with potatoes and lingonberry jam. You can also pack them in a wide-necked thermos with pasta for kids to take to school

  • Slow cooker beef stroganoff

    Slow cooker beef stroganoff

    Cook a version of beef stroganoff that’s lighter on the wallet yet full of flavour thanks to slow cooking. Serve with pasta, rice or mashed potato

  • Easy beef burritos

    Easy beef burritos

    Make these easy beef burritos for a simple midweek supper. The meat filling is also great stuffed into a crispy taco, or as an easy chilli con carne with rice

  • Mexican tomato rice

    Mexican tomato rice

    Enjoy this easy Mexican rice as a side dish to accompany beef burritos or chilli. You can choose to make it veggie if you like by using vegetable stock

  • Slow cooker Bolognese

    Slow cooker Bolognese

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Batch cook a healthy Bolognese using your slow cooker. Freeze the leftovers for easy midweek dinners when you’re more pushed for time

  • Seared beef salad with capers & mint

    Seared beef salad with capers & mint

    This quick and easy salad is drizzled with a tangy, herby dressing and topped with sliced fillet steak. Low in calories, it's a good source of iron and fibre