Review: Nola Bijou Bistro & Bar

Inspired by the charm of 19th-century New Orleans, the venue seamlessly blends French influences and Caribbean energy with Southern flair. As we stepped into Nola Bijou Bistro & Bar, we were welcomed by a cosy atmosphere, blending contemporary elegance with the charm of a rustic New Orleans colonial house dating back to the 1800s. Climbing a dimly lit staircase adorned with artwork from 19th-century Louisiana heightened our anticipation, as we made our way to the restaurant’s entrance.

At the heart of the venue lies the iconic jewel bar, featuring a meticulously carved marble top and intricate wooden embellishments accompanied by mosaic tiles, plush velvet sofas, and a library. The windows open onto a terrace that flawlessly integrates the surrounding greenery, enhanced by a year-round cooling system, creating a perfect setting for a relaxing aperitivo hour. Reminiscent of its JLT outlet, the ambience of Nola Bijou Bistro & Bar at City Walk, provides an enchanting musical journey centred around jazz, complemented by other genres. With the in-house resident DJ at the helm, expect high-energy jazz and soul beats to entertain throughout the evening.

The highlights

We started with the Cornflakes chicken, featuring Cajun-infused seasoning and a crunchy cornflake coating, served alongside a truffle mayo dip. The Fried calamari stood out with its tantalizing spice coating of perfectly-cooked Patagonian calamari paired with a creamy tartar sauce.

The Beef empanadas, filled with succulent Black Angus brisket, plantain, pine nuts, and raisins, were bursting with a symphony of flavours. Accompanied by a Greek yoghurt and cinnamon dip, the dish provided a refreshing and slightly tangy contrast, perfectly complementing the rich and savoury filling.

Moving on to the main event, the Lamb chops, marinated with a blend of rosemary, maple, and lemon, were flawlessly cooked to achieve a juicy and tender texture, best enjoyed with a side of fries. One of the culinary highlights was the Braised short ribs, slow-cooked in a rich brew to achieve incredibly succulent meat and perched atop creamy potato puree and gravy. We couldn’t resist treating ourselves to The Chef’s decadent brownies topped with hazelnuts and a praline biscuit base.

We also indulged in the Profiterole, filled with maple almond cream and vanilla custard, and drizzled with coffee ganache. The contrast between the light and airy choux pastry and the luscious filling created a satiating balance for the perfect ending to our meal.

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