• Spicy lamb patties

    Spicy lamb patties

    Don’t dismiss Indian cooking as ‘too hard’ and leave it to your local curry house, try cooking this spicy lamb dish for starters

    More effort
  • Mixed vegetable tagine

    Mixed vegetable tagine

    This low fat supper is great served with couscous mixed with a handful of raisins.

  • One-pot lentil chicken

    One-pot lentil chicken

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    This all-in-one meal makes a brilliant guilt-free supper, and if you are really hungry – just add potatoes

  • Buttermilk scones

    Buttermilk scones

    Afternoon tea just wouldn’t be the same without warm scones straight from the oven

  • Rhubarb fool trifle

    Rhubarb fool trifle

    This is a lovely way to use rhubarb and makes a great centre piece for a party

    More effort
  • Skirlie mash

    Skirlie mash

    ‘Skirlie’ is a Scottish word for toasted oatmeal, which gives a crunchy texture to mashed potato – try this as a side dish at your Hogmanay celebration

  • Buttered Jerseys

    Buttered Jerseys

    A taste of spring with glorious, fresh buttered Jersey Royals

  • Lazy cheesy vegetable hotpot

    Lazy cheesy vegetable hotpot

    Vegetarian food at its easiest and most comforting – and a minimum of washing-up, as it’s made in the microwave