As-you-like-it tortilla

Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
This Spanish-style omelette uses leftover ingredients matched with storecupboard herbs, spices or sauces, such as pesto or harissa

  • Prep:5 mins
    Cook:15 mins
  • Serves 3
  • Easy

Nutrition per serving

  • kcal 343
  • fat 20g
  • saturates 6g
  • carbs 16g
  • sugars 2g
  • fibre 4g
  • protein 24g
  • salt 2.1g


  • 6 eggs
  • 2 tsp pesto, or 1 tsp mustard or harissa, or 2 tbsp fresh chopped herbs of your choice
  • large handful leftovers such as grated cheese, chopped ham, chorizo, sliced sausage, cooked bacon rashers, tuna or smoked salmon
  • 3 spring onions, finely chopped
  • 125g cooked pasta or 200g chopped cooked potato
  • handful veg such as frozen spinach or peas, canned corn, roasted peppers, fried courgettes or mushrooms
  • 1½ tbsp vegetable oil
  • tomato salad, to serve (optional)


Take care with your fillings
The idea with this tortilla recipe is to clear the odds and ends from your fridge, but don’t go too crazy as the egg still needs to be the predominant ingredient, so that it sticks everything together.Using leftovers
This tortilla uses leftovers as the main ingredient and matches them to a storecupboard flavour. Try tuna and greens with pesto, cheese and bacon with mustard, chorizo and peppers with harissa, and salmon with herbs.


  1. Beat the eggs with seasoning and your chosen background flavour, then add your leftovers. Stir in the spring onions and pasta or potatoes with your selected veg.

  2. Turn on the grill to high. Heat the oil in a medium non-stick frying pan and tip in the egg mixture. Cook gently for 10 mins over a low heat until three-quarters set, then flash under the grill to set the top. Serve with a simple tomato salad.

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