The Scene launches vegan-friendly menu

The Scene launches vegan-friendly menu

Pier 7 based restaurant The Scene is the latest Dubai eatery to open up their menu to vegans. The restaurant recently launched their new menu which includes a vegan and vegetarian section, available every day of the week.

“We are delighted to announce that The Scene is moving forward in the animal-friendly movement, with the introduction of Simon’s vegan and veggie patch menu,” said a spokesperson for the restaurant.

Along with the increased number of vegan and vegetarian options, the restaurant will also be offering dairy-free alternatives for their coffees, including soya and almond milk options.

Delicious options in their plant-based section include a vegan curry for their Argy Bhaji curry night, and a vegetarian feta and spinach pie with homemade red pepper jam.

There’s also plenty of gluten free options on the new menu, including a pan-fried cod, lobster bisque risotto served with garlic and parsley mussels and a lamp rump dish.

Details: for more information about the new menu, visit The Scene. If you enjoyed this article, you may like these vegan recipes.