Overcoming burnout in foodservice with SPEED-X™ and EVEREO®

Sponsored: Discover EVEREO® by UNOX, a hot food preservation system, along with the cutting-edge SPEED-X™ for instant dish service

In the post-pandemic foodservice industry, a notable challenge is the labour shortage, which has given rise to an even more pressing issue: chef burnout. Due to understaffed kitchens and the slow recovery of the foodservice workforce, kitchen staff, including chefs and their assistants, frequently find themselves taking on multiple roles, often managing up to three responsibilities simultaneously, resulting in being overwhelmed and overworked.

To adapt to the landscape, foodservice operators are not only seeking creative strategies for success but also unconventional solutions to ease the burden on their teams.

Introducing the EVEREO® by UNOX, a revolutionary hot food preservation system that not only significantly reduces preparation times and virtually eliminates wait times but also minimises food wastage. More importantly, the EVEREO® is tailored to support the most valuable asset in any kitchen: its culinary team.

Unlike traditional commercial holding cabinets, which are known for their limitations in monitoring, maintaining, and preserving food quality, the EVEREO® offers a groundbreaking solution. While conventional holding cabinets can only uphold the quality of hot food for a few hours, the EVEREO® allows operators to safely maintain hot food quality for up to three days without any compromise in taste or texture.

The EVEREO® hot food preserver, alongside the MULTI.Day Pump, meets industry food safety standards and has earned certification from the renowned HACCP International, a specialist in certifying food-safe equipment. In addition to its certifications, the EVEREO® has received numerous prestigious awards over the past five years, including the Kitchen Innovation Award and the Gold Winner Award at the Commercial Kitchen Show, highlighting its exceptional quality and innovation.

Beyond the EVEREO®, the SPEED-X™ represents the future of culinary technology, enabling the preparation and immediate serving of dishes typically requiring less than 30 minutes to cook, further elevating the culinary experience.

The need for outside-the-box solutions is clear, especially considering the World Health Organization’s classification of burnout as an occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been effectively managed, posing a real threat to the foodservice industry.

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