‘Kissaten’ style coffee house opens at Al Barari

Third Wave cafe, a mixology coffee cafe styled like a Japanese tea house, brings interesting coffee experiences and bespoke brewing to Dubai

Third Wave Kissaten Al Barari

Tucked away inside the award-winning Seventh Heaven complex is the new Third Wave cafe, inspired by a ‘Kissaten’, which translates to a Japanese-style tea house.

The Emirati owner, who goes by the moniker ‘Bespoke Barista’, launched the cafe for his love of coffee and Japanese tea drinking culture. He is also a certified coffee barista with over eight years of speciality coffee experience, and a Mechanical Engineer too, who has quite literally ‘engineered’ a whole range of unique coffees and flavour conceptions.

Third Wave cafe, meaning the ‘third generation’ of coffee experiences, offers a curated coffee menu which focuses on every detail, right from the coffee bean to the process for a perfect cup. It has an intentional minimalist but modern design to un-interrupt and enhance customers’ sensory coffee or tea experience — ensuring they get the most out of the flavour, aromas and texture whilst sipping.

The menu comprises vegan desserts and drinks, beverage categories such as the ‘Signatures’, that includes the likes of Seventh Heaven, an oat-milk based coffee drink and Amaro, a new take on the Italian Amaro coffee; ‘AlBarari Long’, the new option for black coffee lovers; ‘Designer-teas’ including a selection of hot and cold infused-tea mixology.

The cafe will also have a display of vegan home-baked goods and sweets from ‘Little Home’, featuring signature coffee cakes, tofu snacks, banana bread and more.

Open from 8am-8pm (Sunday to Wednesday) and 8am-10pm (Thursday to Saturday). For more information, call +971 52 958 8951, email hello@thirdwave.cafe or visit the website.