Dubai is now home to most expensive coffee in the world

Dubai is now home to most expensive coffee in the world

In a city known for extravagance, it’s probably unsurprising to many that Dubai will soon be home to the most expensive coffee in the world.

The famous Esmeralda Geisha Cañas Verdes Natural set the world-record earlier this year for most expensive coffee per-kilo on earth, when it sold for $1325 per kilo the summer. The coffee is rare too, with only 45.5 kilos in the world.

Fancy trying a cup for yourself? You will need to buy a ticket to the Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters event being held on 30 September.

Coffee lovers will be able to enjoy entry to the Esmeralda Geisha Cañas Verdes Natural event, dubbed the “601 Experience” and bag themselves 15g of the specialist coffee, for AED 250. The ticket price also includes free entry for a plus one.

For more than twice the price at AED 550 you can buy an upgraded ticket which includes entry for two people plus 15g of specialist coffee each, along with a 50g bag of Esmeralda Geisha Cañas Verdes beans to take home.

“The UAE market is hungry for coffee and I’m proud to be the one to bring this record-breaking experience to Dubai. “Who knows what the future will bring, but today this coffee is the highest scoring and best tasting coffee among the Global Specialty Coffee Grading System. This is not an opinionated taste, but a proven fact, ” said the founder of Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters, Karim Hassan.

Details: Tickets cost from AED240 and can be purchased at Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters online. The event will take place at 2pm on Saturday 30th September.