Go Green: Shopping for eco-friendly preservative-free chicken

Go Green: Shopping for eco-friendly preservative-free chicken

Yelena Kuscu, brand manager at Alafya discusses the chicken company’s eco-friendly packaging

For thousands of years mankind has enjoyed tucking in to delicious chicken dishes. Current archeological artifacts show the first signs of domesticated chicken from 6000 – 8000 years BCE in South-East Asia and China. Nowadays of course, we do not need to domesticate chickens in our backyard to have a tasty chicken supper. Instead we turn to our local supermarket.

In the 21st century, chicken companies are finding ways to satisfy every-growing customer demand. At Alafya, the company is constantly looking for ways to improve meat quality, taste, preservation and safety. When it comes to fresh, refrigerated chicken it is even more of a delicate matter, as Alafya has a policy of not using any preservatives and the only way to keep meat fresh and safe is through choosing the best packaging available.

Alafya uses the latest European-designed plastic technology, that both naturally preserves chicken meat and is also recyclable. The European engineering creates trays that keep meat fresher, for longer. So by choosing Alafya chicken, you are choosing meat that is both eco-friendly and preservative-free.

Alafya is a socially responsible company and has introduced the European-designed plastic trays to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and to produce safe, preservative-free meat for its customers. To go green, go for Alafya chicken.

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