• Veggie burritos

    Veggie burritos

    Try our vegetarian burritos filled with mushrooms, beans and corn, complemented by creamy avocado and subtle spice. Enjoy with a tomato salsa on the side

  • Veg peel fritters

    Veg peel fritters

    Make veg peelings the star of the show with these easy fritters. They’re perfect the day after a big family dinner, such as at Christmas time

  • Tomato & oregano fritters

    Tomato & oregano fritters

    Use up a glut of tomatoes to make these veggie fritters – they’re ideal for lunch or a light dinner. Serve with dill and Greek yogurt, if you like

  • Veggie sausage casserole

    Veggie sausage casserole

    Make this casserole with veggie sausages and butterbeans for a flavourful family meal that delivers four of your 5-a-day. Serve with warm crusty bread

  • Teriyaki tofu

    Teriyaki tofu

    Marinade tofu with teriyaki sauce and serve with broccoli and noodles or rice to make this easy veggie midweek meal. It takes under 30 minutes to make

  • Pesto cheese straw Christmas tree

    Pesto cheese straw Christmas tree

    Create this tear-and-share pastry tree for a festive family get-together. It’s a lovely, playful idea for Boxing Day – and kids will love taking it apart!

  • Chickpea, coconut & broccoli stew

    Chickpea, coconut & broccoli stew

    Serve this light yet comforting stew for a low-fat plant-based dinner. Chickpeas and green veg are cooked in a fragrant sauce made with coconut and ginger

  • Creamy lentil curry

    Creamy lentil curry

    Claire Thomson has produced a week’s worth of easy dinners to help you and your family settle back into the school routine. This lentil curry is comforting and full of flavour

  • Next level tomato soup

    Next level tomato soup

    Let the flavour of tomatoes shine through in our ultimate tomato soup. To get the best from tomatoes, we’ve used every trick we know to boost their flavour

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