• Ginger beer

    Ginger beer

    Enjoy this fiery ginger beer at a family barbecue or pour into a bottle for a picnic. It's made by cooking up a ginger cordial and topping up with soda water

  • Peach iced tea

    Peach iced tea

    Beat the heat on summer days with a refreshing glass of peach iced tea. Sure to be a hit with the whole family, you could also make it with raspberries 

  • Iced tea

    Iced tea

    Make up a jug of refreshing iced tea to serve on summer days. With a subtle tea flavour, oranges, lemons and mint, it's an excellent alcohol-free party drink

  • Strawberry smoothie

    Strawberry smoothie

    Get your fruit fix with our strawberry smoothie made with banana and orange juice. It's free from dairy, so it's vegan too – making it a great start to anyone's day 

  • Spinach smoothie

    Spinach smoothie

    Whizz up our spinach smoothie with avocado, sweet mango and milk in minutes. If you have leftovers, try freezing them in lolly moulds for an easy dessert

  • Fiery cooler

    Fiery cooler

    Recipe from Eric Ballard, mixologist at GQ BAR

  • Zuma Zen

    Zuma Zen

    Recipe from Jimmy Barrat, mixologist at Zuma

  • Shojo


    Jimmy Barrat, mixologist at Zuma

  • Jade Rabbit

    Jade Rabbit

    Recipe from Mickey Minthu, mixologist at Bã Restaurant and Lounge, Fairmont The Palm