• Roasted roots & sage soup

    Roasted roots & sage soup

    Take comfort on cold days with a warming bowl of soup. Ours is full of veg, making it tasty, healthy and low in calories and fat

  • Danish-style yellow split pea soup

    Danish-style yellow split pea soup

    Fill up on this comforting yellow split pea soup, full of vegetables and health-boosting nutrients. Serve with rye bread, mustard and pickle to complete the meal

  • Spiced lentil & butternut squash soup

    Spiced lentil & butternut squash soup

    Cook a big batch of this filling spiced lentil and squash soup and freeze the leftovers for a speedy supper another day. It's healthy and low in fat

  • Chickpea tagine soup

    Chickpea tagine soup

    Discover the rustic flavours of tagine in a soup. Packed with chickpeas, peppers and kale plus apricots for sweetness, this satisfying soup is super-healthy

  • Herby broccoli & pea soup

    Herby broccoli & pea soup

    Our vibrant broccoli and pea soup delivers three of your 5-a-day, and is full of nutrients including iron, folate and vitamin C

  • Curried spinach & lentil soup

    Curried spinach & lentil soup

    Pack in the nutrients and the flavour with our curried spinach and lentil soup. It's full of iron and vitamin C and is served with a cashew chutney topping

  • Chilled green soup with feta

    Chilled green soup with feta

    Serve this chilled green soup as part of a summer menu. No cooking is required – simply whizz up the ingredients to make a refreshing, nutrient-packed meal

  • Chipotle gazpacho

    Chipotle gazpacho

    Liven up your lunch with this easy, no-cook chipotle gazpacho soup. It’s not only delicious but healthy too, delivering three of your 5-a-day and packed with vitamin C

  • Fresh tomato soup with cheesy cornbread

    Fresh tomato soup with cheesy cornbread

    This bread, using wholemeal flour and polenta, is easy to make, full of flavour and pairs perfectly with a smooth soup. It packs in three of your five-a-day, too