• Cheesy leeks

    Cheesy leeks

    These bubbling, cheesy leeks are the ultimate side dish, perfect for a Sunday roast or family meal. Top with breadcrumbs for a crisp crust

  • Roast rack of lamb with rosemary

    Roast rack of lamb with rosemary

    Make our classic roast rack of lamb with garlic and rosemary seasoning, it’s perfect for a family Sunday dinner or an easy main for entertaining

    More effort
  • Roast chicken with dill & potatoes

    Roast chicken with dill & potatoes

    Give your Sunday roast a hassle-free makeover with this roast chicken with dill and potatoes, inspired by food writer Silvana Franco’s Italian heritage.

  • Roasted radishes

    Roasted radishes

    Add a pop of colour to your Easter roast with these jewel-like radishes. Use a mixture of radishes in different colours, if you can, for a touch of spring

  • Brined roast chicken

    Brined roast chicken

    Prep a brine using garlic and onion powder and brine your roast chicken in advance for more flavourful, tender meat. Use leftovers in your favourite dishes

  • Air fryer roast dinner

    Air fryer roast dinner

    Forget turning on the oven to cook the big Sunday meal – make the main elements in an air fryer. Use a microwave to heat the gravy rather than on the hob

  • Parmentier potatoes

    Parmentier potatoes

    Serve parmentier potatoes instead of chips or roasties for a more elegant side. This is a classic dish flavoured with rosemary and garlic, and it’s easy to make