• Kids’ club sandwiches

    Kids’ club sandwiches

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Healthy party food doesn’t have to be boring – these fun club sandwiches are just the thing for kids (and parents!)

  • Minced lamb filo tarts

    Minced lamb filo tarts

    Good Food reader Steve Tyson sent in this recipe which combines spices and lamb with inspired results

  • Lightest ever meringues

    Lightest ever meringues

    Whisk up a batch of classic meringues, then get creative with citrus swirl, Turkish delight and chocolate varieties

  • Mini creamy mushroom pies

    Mini creamy mushroom pies

    Individual party pies with vegetarian garlicky filling, flavoured with caraway for a Scandinavian feel

    More effort
  • Easy salmon sushi

    Easy salmon sushi

    Smoked salmon gives this easy recipe a festive touch and means you don’t have to prepare fresh fish – a good sushi recipes for beginners

  • Quick cheese straws

    Quick cheese straws

    Delicious cheesy sticks, perfect for dipping, just as good on their own – ready in under 20 minutes.