• Chocolate traybake

    Chocolate traybake

    This American-style chocolate traybake is super-easy, can be prepared in advance and cuts into even portions. It’s perfect for birthday parties or bake sales

  • Bay leaf creams

    Bay leaf creams

    Add the slightly sweet, slightly spicy bay-leaf flavour to elevate this simple custard to an elegant, innovative dessert. Make the bay leaf creams at least the day before you want to eat them, to allow the flavour to infuse

  • Sweet party bites

    Sweet party bites

    Add a bit of glamour to your party with these sweet yet sophisticated party bites

  • Savoury party bites

    Savoury party bites

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Impressive, quick and easy nibbles to serve at parties or with drinks

  • Mini salmon & dill puffs

    Mini salmon & dill puffs

    Ideal for a crowd and perfect for preparing ahead, these little pastry bites make a stylish canapé