• Moroccan spiced mince with couscous

    Moroccan spiced mince with couscous

    Adding dried fruit, fresh mint and warm spices to savoury dishes is typical of North African cooking. Quorn replaces meat in this recipe

  • Moroccan roast chicken with apricots

    Moroccan roast chicken with apricots

    Come rain or shine, serve up this sumac-marinated spatchcocked bird, that can be barbecued or oven cooked, with a sweet, fruity accompaniment

  • Moroccan chicken one-pot

    Moroccan chicken one-pot

    You don't need a clay pot to whip up a fragrant, North Africa tagine – throw it all in a casserole dish and top with feta, mint and lemon

  • Moroccan spiced pie

    Moroccan spiced pie

    The perfect showpiece to your Christmas Day meal – and it's suitable for veggies

    More effort
  • Moroccan-style chicken

    Moroccan-style chicken

    Try Moroccan-style chicken for a special after-work supper that can be easily sized to suit your crowd

  • Spicy Moroccan chops

    Spicy Moroccan chops

    These lamb chops are quick and easy to grill – they’ll be wonderfully tender after just a few minutes on each side

  • Moroccan stuffed chicken

    Moroccan stuffed chicken

    Stuff your couscous inside the chicken rather than serving it alongside and the spicy flavours will really get into the meat