• Moroccan chicken one-pot

    Moroccan chicken one-pot

    You don't need a clay pot to whip up a fragrant, North Africa tagine – throw it all in a casserole dish and top with feta, mint and lemon

  • Spiced bulgur pilaf with fish

    Spiced bulgur pilaf with fish

    Use sustainable white fish in this North African-inspired rice one-pot with harissa and apricot – full of iron, fibre and 2 of your 5 -a-day

  • Bean & pepper chilli

    Bean & pepper chilli

    Use your choice of storecupboard pulses in this healthy vegetarian one-pot

  • One-pot Moroccan chicken

    One-pot Moroccan chicken

    A North African chicken casserole that’s low in fat, packed with veg and flavoured with harissa

  • Winter vegetable pie

    Winter vegetable pie

    One portion of this delicious vegetarian shepherd's pie contains all 5 of your recommended 5-a-day intake

  • Sag aloo

    Sag aloo

    Nutritious spinach makes the base for this traditional, healthy Indian side dish, combined with potato and spices