• Easy pesto, cheese & pea tart

    Easy pesto, cheese & pea tart

    Avoid food waste and rustle up this quiche-like tart as a great way to use up the end of that jar of pesto you have in the fridge

  • Spiced fried rice with sausage

    Spiced fried rice with sausage

    You can whip up this quick and easy spicy rice with leftover sausages, adding peppers and peas for pops of colour of fresh flavour – it’s also gluten-free

  • Turkey larb bowls

    Turkey larb bowls

    Use up leftover Christmas turkey in this dish. After all the feasting, something crunchy and fresh with a little heat is just the ticket for Boxing Day

  • Calming green soup

    Calming green soup

    Pack in the veg with this healthy soup. Top with a drizzle of yogurt, some mint leaves and black pepper. It’s great reheated for lunch if you have leftovers

  • Turkey & leek pie

    Turkey & leek pie

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Make the most of Christmas turkey leftovers in this comforting pie, using ready-rolled pastry if you prefer. Serve with cranberry sauce, gravy and stuffing

  • Slow cooker turkey curry

    Slow cooker turkey curry

    Use up leftover Christmas turkey and make this slow cooker turkey curry. It uses up any roasted veg you may have leftover too – ideal for avoiding food waste

  • Easy leftover chicken curry

    Easy leftover chicken curry

    Make the most of leftover chicken in this easy, speedy curry with sugar snap peas. Finish with a sprinkling of chilli and coriander

  • Slow cooker pea & ham soup

    Slow cooker pea & ham soup

    Make the most of leftover Christmas ham with this simple pea and ham soup made in the slow cooker that uses just six ingredients. Enjoy with crusty bread

  • Chicken shawarma salad

    Chicken shawarma salad

    Serve a bright salad to feed a crowd. It can also be made with leftover cold chicken, and is robust enough to transport without wilting – perfect for picnics

  • Easy coronation chicken

    Easy coronation chicken

    Make a classic coronation chicken filling to serve with jacket potatoes or in sandwiches and salads. It’s an excellent way to use up leftover chicken after a roast