• Chocolate chip hot cross buns

    Chocolate chip hot cross buns

    Kids can help make these alternative spiced Easter buns – the recipe helps with kneading, shaping, piping and division skills

  • Cheesy hot cross buns

    Cheesy hot cross buns

    The traditional Easter bread gets a savoury spin with cheddar and Parmesan. Serve warm with homemade soup

    More effort
  • Hot cross bun cupcakes

    Hot cross bun cupcakes

    These cakes have all the fruit and spice of the traditional bun but are quicker to make. Finish with spiced cream cheese frosting crosses

  • Hot cross buns

    Hot cross buns

    Follow master baker Paul Hollywood's ultimate step-by-step guide to creating perfectly decorated fruit buns

    More effort
  • Gluten-free hot cross buns

    Gluten-free hot cross buns

    Paul Hollywood’s fruity bakes are just as delicious when you make some simple swaps to make them wheat-free

    More effort
  • Spiced French toast

    Spiced French toast

    A quick treat that will help to use up Easter's leftover hot cross buns

  • Hot cross bread & lemon pudding

    Hot cross bread & lemon pudding

    Use up your leftover fruit buns in this sumptuous spin on traditional bread and butter pudding – a great spring bake