• Orange pumpkin face cookies

    Orange pumpkin face cookies

    Great fun biscuits for trick or treaters – make a day or two ahead, then fill in before your spooky guests arrive

    More effort
  • Eerie eyeball pops

    Eerie eyeball pops

    These spooky chocolate cake balls will be a hit with kids at Halloween – they can help decorate them too

  • Hooting Halloween owls

    Hooting Halloween owls

    Delicious and simple chocolate cup cakes to make with the kids at Halloween – real crowd-pleasers

  • Pumpkin risotto

    Pumpkin risotto

    We've adapted this Italian squash rice-pot recipe so it's a breeze for kids to make – just follow our step-by-step prep and cooking guide

  • Hubble bubble pumpkin pot

    Hubble bubble pumpkin pot

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Get your kids to help you cook this simple pumpkin, bacon and rice dish – you can make in the microwave too