• Quick-to-mix mincemeat

    Quick-to-mix mincemeat

    Why settle for a shop-bought jar of this traditional, festive fruit filling when you can make your own in minutes?

  • Pineapple & ginger Pavlova

    Pineapple & ginger Pavlova

    Pile whipped cream and charred pineapple on a meringue base to create a stunning dinner party dessert which you can make ahead

  • Funky fudge

    Funky fudge

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Don’t stick to standard flavours for homemade fudge – try these combinations of sweet with salty and zesty with fiery black pepper

    A challenge
  • Chicory cups with prawns & mango

    Chicory cups with prawns & mango

    Juicy prawns pair beautifully with sweet mango and crunchy leaves in this simple canapé, finished with lemon juice and coriander

  • Sunday morning baked eggs

    Sunday morning baked eggs

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    These creamy, indulgent eggs are baked in individual ramekins with cream, cheese and tarragon – perfect for a lazy weekend brunch

  • Sprouts with crispy prosciutto

    Sprouts with crispy prosciutto

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Dress simply steamed or boiled Brussels sprouts with butter, lemon and crispy prosciutto for a gluten-free side dish for a festive dinner

  • Cranberry & marmalade sauce

    Cranberry & marmalade sauce

    A homemade cranberry sauce with little flecks of peel from the marmalade for lovely bursts of citrus – easy to make in just 15 minutes

  • Zimtsterne (Cinnamon stars)

    Zimtsterne (Cinnamon stars)

    Edd Kimber creates a version of these German spiced cookies- they’re chewy, crisp and similar to an almond macaroon