• Lamb & apricot meatballs

    Lamb & apricot meatballs

    No one can resist meatballs, and this recipe is so moreish you might want to make double and freeze for another time

  • Chicken tikka masala

    Chicken tikka masala

    This takeaway favourite is freezer-friendly and quick to reheat, giving you the chance to get ahead and save money

  • Hearty pasta soup

    Hearty pasta soup

    Do something different with a pack of tortellini. This filling soup is full of fibre, low fat and full of veg. The perfect lunch or supper

  • No-fuss shepherd’s pie

    No-fuss shepherd’s pie

    We've got some lovely twists on shepherd's pie on the site, but we were missing a definitive version of this classic family recipe – here it is!

  • Cheeseburger & chips

    Cheeseburger & chips

    Homemade burgers and chips beat shop-bought every time. Why not make double and freeze a batch?

  • Mediterranean slices

    Mediterranean slices

    Keep sliced roasted peppers, puff pastry and artichokes in the freezer and you’ll never be stuck for a smart starter again

  • Duck au vin

    Duck au vin

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Coq au vin is a delicious bistro regular, but this version made with duck has an even richer flavour