• Stollen wreath cake

    Stollen wreath cake

    The sweet German fruit and marzipan loaf recipe is adapted into a gorgeous wreath cake with decorative fondant holly icing and almond marzipan

  • Boozy chocolate bombes

    Boozy chocolate bombes

    Showstopping individual coffee sponges with hidden mousse, and a Baileys and white chocolate topping – stunning!

    A challenge
  • Cranberry & orange meringue pie

    Cranberry & orange meringue pie

    The creamy, citrus filling in this pie contrasts wonderfully with the sweet, fluffy meringue – a sure-fire showstopper

    More effort
  • Mince pies

    Mince pies

    Paul Hollywood prefers melt-in-the-mouth pastry for his fruity mince pies, so this recipe is nice and short

  • Raspberry & coconut trifle cake

    Raspberry & coconut trifle cake

    This towering beauty will make the perfect sweet centrepiece for a buffet,
    or a lighter option if you’re not into Christmas pudding

    More effort
  • Hot toddy fruitcake

    Hot toddy fruitcake

    This fabulous Christmas cake can be made and decorated in four very different ways. Just choose your

    More effort