• Stollen wreath

    Stollen wreath

    BBC Good Food’s show-stealing December 08 cover recipe – perfect if you fancy a change from the usual Christmas cake

    More effort
  • Gingery Christmas cake

    Gingery Christmas cake

    A good glug of ginger wine makes this cake a little different from the norm. It’s also lighter than its predecessors, so you can have two pieces!

  • Mini Christmas cake

    Mini Christmas cake

    Make our wreath cake (see ‘goes well with’) and use the spare middle section to create a small gift decorated with classic marzipan and fondant icing

  • Rocky robin cake

    Rocky robin cake

    Get creative with your Christmas cake icing – these robins are super cute and really easy to model

    More effort
  • Crunchy nut cake decoration

    Crunchy nut cake decoration

    This easy almond cake topping makes for a beautiful golden decoration suitable for any special occasion fruitcake

  • Apricot & almond fruitcake

    Apricot & almond fruitcake

    This bake is lighter than the traditional rich fruitcake and is a blank canvas to ice and decorate as you wish

  • Chocolate fruitcake

    Chocolate fruitcake

    If anyone in your family isn’t keen on traditional fruitcake, this might be the compromise you’ve been looking for