• Christmas cupcakes

    Christmas cupcakes

    Have fun with the kids over the Christmas holidays making and decorating these easy cakes

  • Frosty forest cake

    Frosty forest cake

    You can make this Christmas cake right at the last minute. The decorating makes a fun holiday project for the kids

    More effort
  • Shimmering forest cake

    Shimmering forest cake

    Get the kids to help create this winter wonderland – just make sure you have enough Smarties to nibble on!

  • Frosted candy cake

    Frosted candy cake

    Give your cake a personal touch this Christmas with this cute and simple design

  • Snow-topped holly cakes

    Snow-topped holly cakes

    This square Christmas cake is cut into two loaf-shaped cakes, so you can give one to a friend

  • Festive fruit & spice decoration

    Festive fruit & spice decoration

    Decorating a simple iced cake with herbs, spices, nuts and fruit works to great effect and is especially easy for beginners to try

  • Sherry & almond Christmas cake

    Sherry & almond Christmas cake

    Packed with
    almonds, both ground and whole, and fed with raisiny PX sherry, this is
    intensely fruity – but not overly rich

  • Easy vanilla marzipan

    Easy vanilla marzipan

    It’s worth having a go at making your own marzipan to cover your Christmas cake – and you can experiment with adding different flavours

  • Sugar-dusted snowflake cake

    Sugar-dusted snowflake cake

    Give your Christmas cake a stylish and professional finish this year with this sparkling decoration idea

    More effort