• Dark chocolate pudding with malted cream

    Dark chocolate pudding with malted cream

    This chocolate pudding is the perfect balance of richness and textures. It’s easy, yet impressive and you can even make it ahead before your guests arrive

  • Bay leaf creams

    Bay leaf creams

    Add the slightly sweet, slightly spicy bay-leaf flavour to elevate this simple custard to an elegant, innovative dessert. Make the bay leaf creams at least the day before you want to eat them, to allow the flavour to infuse

  • Taiwanese bah-tzang dumplings

    Taiwanese bah-tzang dumplings

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Try these traditional Taiwanese dumplings – bah-tzang. Wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves, they come with a delicious pork, shrimp and mushroom filling

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