• Stuffed mince pie pancakes

    Stuffed mince pie pancakes

    Fill American-style pancakes with mincemeat for a seasonal treat. They’re perfect for brunch over the festive period, or even an indulgent Christmas Day breakfast

  • Herb omelette with fried tomatoes

    Herb omelette with fried tomatoes

    Make a perfect, protein-rich brunch or breakfast for two people. This healthy omelette can be on the table in just 10 minutes, served with juicy tomatoes

  • Rudolph pancakes

    Rudolph pancakes

    Make Christmas breakfast fun with fluffy reindeer pancakes. Two squeezy bottles, a jug and a dash of food colouring will make Rudolph come to life!

  • Smoked ham & cheese pancakes

    Smoked ham & cheese pancakes

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    A savoury pick-me-up made with gooey gruyère and smoked ham, serve these pancakes for brunch or as a light supper – they’re the perfect comfort food

  • Gingerbread pancakes

    Gingerbread pancakes

    The ultimate Christmas breakfast treat, these American-style pancakes are lightly spiced with ginger and cinnamon, topped with maple syrup and dates

  • Buttered wild mushrooms on toast

    Buttered wild mushrooms on toast

    Our favourite secret savoury ingredient, Marmite, adds extra umami flavour to these golden brown, winter warming mushrooms on hot buttered toast

  • Sausage & kale hash

    Sausage & kale hash

    Crispy fried potatoes with eggs, sausagemeat and kale make for a satisfying brunch that'll keep you going all day. Who can resist a runny yolk?

  • Apple & clementine Bircher

    Apple & clementine Bircher

    Apple juice soaked oats with warming cinnamon spice, a scattering of pomegranate seeds and clementine segments – a low-fat festive breakfast

  • Reindeer food

    Reindeer food

    Let the kids create a snack for Rudolf and his hard-working reindeer team. This crunchy granola also makes a delicious breakfast on Christmas morning