• Chocolate fondant

    Chocolate fondant

    A gooey prepare-ahead dessert that's perfect for entertaining – it's all a matter of timing…

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  • Chocolate & pecan tart

    Chocolate & pecan tart

    Pecan pie crossed with chocolate tart with a dash of maple syrup – we can’t argue with that

  • Chocolate & Earl Grey torte

    Chocolate & Earl Grey torte

    Never before has it been so easy to impress – this soft-centered torte can be made ahead and frozen or baked from scratch in just an hour

  • Millionaire’s chocolate tart

    Millionaire’s chocolate tart

    A dinner party version of teatime favourite, millionaire's shortbread. It's not too bitter, so the kids will love it too

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  • Cherry chocolate Pavlova

    Cherry chocolate Pavlova

    Finish your meal with this impressive dessert, with billowing cream and fresh summer fruit

    More effort
  • Gooey chocolate cherry cookies

    Gooey chocolate cherry cookies

    If you like American-style cookies, you’ll love
    these pale, chewy delights. Plus, they can be baked from frozen