• Roast chicken & spiced rice

    Roast chicken & spiced rice

    Throw together this wholesome chicken traybake for the family, gently spiced using a little curry paste, with just 15 mins prep. Mango chutney adds a fruity tang

  • Next level BBQ chicken

    Next level BBQ chicken

    Discover how to cook BBQ chicken like a pro. The meat falls off the bone, and the marinade has a lovely balance of sweet, salty and spicy flavours

  • Chicken pad Thai

    Chicken pad Thai

    Enjoy our version of the classic noodle dish with spring onions, egg, beansprouts and peanuts. Add chilli to suit your taste and serve with lime wedges

  • Baked chicken arrabbiata

    Baked chicken arrabbiata

    Make this easy baked chicken arrabbiata with tomatoes, peppers and spinach for a simple midweek meal, then freeze any leftovers. Serve with pasta

  • Ginger chicken & green bean noodles

    Ginger chicken & green bean noodles

    Try this speedy one-pan ginger chicken with noodles and green beans as a quick and easy midweek meal. It’s healthy, low in fat and calories, too

  • Buffalo chicken & blue cheese slaw

    Buffalo chicken & blue cheese slaw

    Enjoy these sticky buffalo wings New York-style for a sharing family supper. You can use chicken wings or legs, if you prefer. Serve with blue cheese slaw

  • Crispy chicken & smashed avocado baps

    Crispy chicken & smashed avocado baps

    Pack these healthy chicken, avocado and lettuce sandwiches to enjoy on a family picnic. The chicken has a crispy coating made from flour, almonds and sesame seeds