• Cajun chicken pasta

    Cajun chicken pasta

    Make a crowd-pleasing pasta dish for dinner. We’ve taken inspiration from creamy alfredo sauce with Cajun-style seasoning to add a bit of punch.

  • Air-fryer roast chicken

    Air-fryer roast chicken

    Cook a whole chicken in the air-fryer for a great way to keep the meat juicy. We’ve created a spice mix to flavour the chicken, too, or you can use your own

  • Easy lemon chicken

    Easy lemon chicken

    Recreate a classic British Chinese takeaway dish for the home kitchen, with crispy fried chicken breast served with a fresh, tangy and moreish lemon sauce

    More effort
  • Olive-brine chicken

    Olive-brine chicken

    Beat food waste and use up olive brine to make this flavourful chicken dinner. Nocellara olives work well, but any green olives will do

  • Diet cola chicken

    Diet cola chicken

    Use a can of diet cola as a secret ingredient to enhance this chicken casserole. It’s an easy and delicious weekday supper, best enjoyed with rice or pasta

  • Microwave cheat’s paella

    Microwave cheat’s paella

    Try this shortcut version of the Spanish classic paella, with chicken and chorizo for a midweek meal. The recipe is based on a microwave with a power of 750W

  • Mustard & parmesan- crumbed chicken

    Mustard & parmesan- crumbed chicken

    Enjoy our mustard and parmesan-crumbed chicken for an easy midweek meal. With its crunchy, cheesy coating, it’s sure to become a new favourite

  • Honey-mustard chicken

    Honey-mustard chicken

    Marry the classic flavours of honey and mustard and use as the marinade for chicken breasts to make this easy midweek meal. Enjoy in a traybake with potatoes

  • Fried chicken waffle sandwich

    Fried chicken waffle sandwich

    Recreate the festival vibe at home with this waffle sandwich from street-food specialist Killa Waffles. With a fried chicken filling, what could be better?

    More effort
  • Roast chicken with dill & potatoes

    Roast chicken with dill & potatoes

    Give your Sunday roast a hassle-free makeover with this roast chicken with dill and potatoes, inspired by food writer Silvana Franco’s Italian heritage.