• Squid & prawn skewers

    Squid & prawn skewers

    Make our sizzling seafood skewers on a barbecue and add your favourite marinade. We have ideas for three flavour-packed glazes

  • Pork skewers

    Pork skewers

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Make our simple barbecued pork skewers and mix and match with your favourite marinades. We have tips for three flavourful glazes

  • Barbacoa marinated lamb cutlets

    Barbacoa marinated lamb cutlets

    Rub lamb cutlets with this traditional North Mexican marinade made from ancho chillies, garlic, and chipotle chilli. The marinade gives the lamb a lovely flavour

  • Maple-glazed hot wings

    Maple-glazed hot wings

    Love chicken wings either on their own or as part of a big barbecue? The sticky maple and butter glaze on these wings adds extra succulence

  • Hoisin hot dogs

    Hoisin hot dogs

    Grill some sausages brushed with hoisin sauce, then top with cucumber and spring onion for a different take on a classic hot dog

  • Pulled pork sloppy joe dogs

    Pulled pork sloppy joe dogs

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Combine three street-food favourites into one awesome hot dog. You could use shop-bought pulled pork, or go the whole hog and make it yourself

  • Charred squash & spiced lamb

    Charred squash & spiced lamb

    Forget typical burgers – use your barbecue to create this extra-special charred squash and spiced lamb dish. Add feta, pistachios and pomegranate to serve

  • BBQ rainbow beef salad

    BBQ rainbow beef salad

    The steak in this light salad is cooked on the barbecue, giving it a true taste of summer. It works brilliantly with our Asian-inspired dressing