• Tomato sauce

    Tomato sauce

    A good tomato sauce has countless uses. Make a big batch, then use in other dishes throughout the week

  • Melanzane lasagne

    Melanzane lasagne

    This vegetarian lasagne is freezer-friendly, the ideal standby supper

  • Spicy African chicken stew

    Spicy African chicken stew

    Cayenne pepper and Scotch bonnet chillies give this boldly flavoured peanut casserole a fiery kick

  • Chilli Marrakech

    Chilli Marrakech

    If you love spicy, aromatic dishes like tagine, this one-pot will become an instant favourite – it uses lean lamb mince but beef also works

  • Quick cottage pie

    Quick cottage pie

    A quick cottage pie that uses low-fat buttermilk in the mash

  • Multi mince

    Multi mince

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Use this great mince recipe as a base for bolognese or cottage pie – freeze a batch ready to whip out for last-minute dinners

  • Crusty cheddar pies

    Crusty cheddar pies

    This recipe has been designed to be made ahead and frozen – a family-friendly batch pie, with cheesy mashed potato atop hidden broccoli, leeks and celery