• Lighter nachos

    Lighter nachos

    Slash the fat of this Mexican sharing platter with some simple swaps. Our tortilla chips are topped with beans and salsa

  • Egg & veggie pittas

    Egg & veggie pittas

    Cram wholemeal bread pockets with healthy aubergine, beetroot and carrot, then add a garlic and dill yogurt and eggs

  • Mushrooms paprikash

    Mushrooms paprikash

    This vegetarian sauce is flavoured with caraway, paprika and parsley. Serve on pasta or jacket potatoes

  • Quinoa, squash & broccoli salad

    Quinoa, squash & broccoli salad

    Combine this healthy grain with vegetarian ingredients. Feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, parsley and butternut squash work together a treat

  • For-the-freezer ratatouille

    For-the-freezer ratatouille

    Make a batch of our healthy veg mix, then serve three ways- with feta, as pictured, with jacket potatoes, or in stuffed peppers