• Ponche de crème bread pudding

    Ponche de crème bread pudding

    Inspired by a traditional Caribbean spiced drink, this comforting pud is the perfect dessert to bring to a festive dinner party

    More effort
  • Fry bodi (Caribbean green beans)

    Fry bodi (Caribbean green beans)

    Shivi Ramoutar shares this simple, speedy side dish of green beans, onions and ripe tomatoes, which is found across the Caribbean

  • Pepper sauce

    Pepper sauce

    This Caribbean condiment is based on Scotch bonnet chillies – serve sparingly alongside savoury dishes or add while cooking for extra heat

  • ‘Doved’ peas

    ‘Doved’ peas

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    This traditional Caribbean side dish combines beans, bacon lardons and ham for a robust and flavour-packed addition to a variety of mains