• Ribboned courgette salad

    Ribboned courgette salad

    This salad takes just 10 minutes to create and is full of chickpeas, courgette, sweetcorn and feta. It’s substantial enough to enjoy on its own, or serve it as a summery side

  • Open Greek-style salad sandwiches

    Open Greek-style salad sandwiches

    Enjoy these open Greek-style salad sandwiches with feta, olives and tomatoes for lunch or a snack. They’re perfect for summertime al fresco dining

  • Tuna, olive & spinach spaghetti

    Tuna, olive & spinach spaghetti

    Fresh flavours of red onion, spinach, parsley and dill combine with tuna, olives and wholemeal spaghetti to make a balanced and low-calorie supper that’s a great midweek dish

  • Sweet & sour bean curry

    Sweet & sour bean curry

    Create this veggie bean curry for an easy midweek meal – it’s healthy and low in calories and fat. It contains a mixture of black-eyed beans and butter beans

  • Turkey sausage & pesto soup

    Turkey sausage & pesto soup

    Cook up some turkey or chicken sausages and combine with cannellini beans, kale and pesto to make this filling soup. Serve with crusty bread, if you like

  • Tofu omelettes with soy dressing

    Tofu omelettes with soy dressing

    Enjoy a tofu omelette for a balanced and low-calorie dinner. Serve with rice, broccoli and a drizzle of chilli dressing for an easy, flavourful midweek meal