• How to cook Brussels sprouts

    How to cook Brussels sprouts

    Serve the perfect side of sprouts at Christmas with our classic recipe. Plus, read our tips on buying, cooking and freezing this gorgeous green veg, plus recipe variations.

  • Vegetarian ramen

    Vegetarian ramen

    Rustle up this warming veggie ramen in just 15 minutes. Think of it as healthy fast food – it’s low-fat, low-calorie and low-cost as well

  • Brunch pancake sharing board

    Brunch pancake sharing board

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Our sharing board makes a great brunch treat for the weekend. Make the pancakes and bacon ahead and keep warm while you assemble everything else. You can also improvise with seasonal ingredients

  • Tornado omelette

    Tornado omelette

    Take eggs to the next level with a Korean-inspired ‘tornado’ omelette. It involves twirling chopsticks in the eggs to shape them as they cook in a hot pan

  • Rainbow cheesecake

    Rainbow cheesecake

    Our show-stopping rainbow cheesecake is sure to brighten up any party. This easy dessert has a delicious biscuit base and vibrant, colourful layers

  • Vegan fajitas

    Vegan fajitas

    Make a vegan version of fajitas with all the flavours of the classic Mexican dish. It makes a great sharing dish where everyone can help themselves

  • Frozen yogurt

    Frozen yogurt

    Whip up this frozen yogurt to enjoy on hot summer days – it’s low-calorie and packed with flavour. We used strawberries, but you could try it with other fruit

  • Candy apples

    Candy apples

    Serve these easy candy apples at a summer fête, on Bonfire Night, Halloween at a kids’ birthday party. Experiment with fun and vibrant colours

  • Sushi rice

    Sushi rice

    Make sushi rice to accompany your favourite Japanese-inspired dishes, from bento boxes to sushi and katsu curry. The secret is in the ratio of rice to water

  • Vegan burger

    Vegan burger

    Make this fantastic base recipe for a vegan burger and add whatever you fancy – chilli flakes, grated lemon zest or other herbs all work really well