• Crab & asparagus omelette

    Crab & asparagus omelette

    This speedy omelette with spinach, asparagus and crabmeat is packed with flavours and couldn't be easier. On the table in 15 minutes, it's the perfect meal for one

  • Veggie protein chilli

    Veggie protein chilli

    A protein packed vegan chilli, perfect after a run or gym workout. This easy supper is simple to make and freezable if you want to batch cook

  • Halloumi & beetroot open sandwich

    Halloumi & beetroot open sandwich

    This simple veggie sandwich has a spoonful of hummus, slices of grilled halloumi and fresh beetroot. A filling, vibrant lunch to perk up your plate

  • Gingerbread bites

    Gingerbread bites

    These tasty, all-natural nibbles from sports nutritionist James Collins make a speedy snack and energy boost for on-the-go runners