• Lighter Chinese chilli beef

    Lighter Chinese chilli beef

    Don’t reach for the takeaway menu, try this beef stir-fry recipe instead. It’s just as tasty as your favourite Chinese and healthier too.

  • Lighter treacle tart

    Lighter treacle tart

    This traditional favourite is a perfect way to end a decadent meal- but our version is made lighter with extra apple and half-fat crème fraîche

  • Crunchy coleslaw

    Crunchy coleslaw

    A healthier take on this classic side salad- replace mayonnaise with natural yogurt and bump up the flavour with mustard and citrus

  • Lighter crème brûlée

    Lighter crème brûlée

    The secret to this healthier French pud is to make the custard very thick intially as unlike your normal recipe, it’s not baked afterwards

  • Lighter Bakewell tart

    Lighter Bakewell tart

    Angela Nilsen slashes the fat and sugar content of this tea time classic shortcrust pie with fresh raspberries and iced topping

  • Lighter Cornish pasties

    Lighter Cornish pasties

    Angela Nilsen retains the taste but halves the fat of these traditional pastry bakes by using beef skirt and less butter in the pastry

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  • Little iced Christmas puds

    Little iced Christmas puds

    Not everyone likes a traditional Christmas pudding, and these smaller ones are much lighter than their bigger, traditional counterpart