• Creamy cannellini beans with lamb

    Creamy cannellini beans with lambNew Recipes

    Enjoy a speedy cannellini bean and lamb supper for two. The beans become creamy without the addition of dairy and pair beautifully with the tender lamb

  • Sweet chilli salmon lettuce wraps

    Sweet chilli salmon lettuce wrapsNew Recipes

    Light, simple and three of your five-a-day, these clever lettuce cups are the perfect carrier for flaked sweet chilli salmon and thin slices of radish and carrot

  • Spicy tuna, courgette & chickpea salad

    Spicy tuna, courgette & chickpea saladNew Recipes

    Throw together this speedy salad with canned tuna, courgette and chickpeas, dressed with capers, chilli and garlic. It works as a standalone dish or a side

  • Sweet sundried tomato dressing

    Sweet sundried tomato dressingNew Recipes

    Try sundried tomatoes in this dressing to add delicate sweetness and depth. Serve with a salad, or drizzle over feta

  • Turmeric cod with chickpea traybake

    Turmeric cod with chickpea traybakeNew Recipes

    Bulk out a simple cod dinner with filling chickpeas flavoured with ginger, garlic and turmeric. It makes a healthy dinner that’s low in fat and calories

  • Caprese chicken sandwiches

    Caprese chicken sandwiches

    Get into summer with these chicken ciabatta rolls. Tomatoes, mozzarella and a balsamic dressing evoke the flavours of Italy

  • Grilled steak with peperonata

    Grilled steak with peperonata

    Make a colourful, no-fuss peperonata to pair with grilled meats such as the steak in this recipe. If you don’t fancy steak, try lamb chops instead

  • Cajun prawn & charred corn salad

    Cajun prawn & charred corn salad

    Take inspiration from Tex-Mex flavours with this salad, studded with king prawns, sweetcorn and jalapeño peppers. It’s ideal for a barbecue side, or a light dinner

  • Cheese & onion quiche

    Cheese & onion quiche

    Use shop-bought pastry to make this quick and easy cheese and onion quiche. Enjoy for a weekend lunch or as part of a buffet. Serve with a crispy green salad