Federico Teresi: “Heinz Beck taught me the finesse and beauty of Italian food”

Federico Teresi gives us the low-down on life at Leonardo – the Italian eatery at one of Dubai Marina’s newest hotel openings, Stella Di Mare, and tells us more about learning “the Italian way” from the best: Michelin-star chef, Heinz Beck.

Tell us more about the dining experience at Leonardo.
Leonardo’s dining experience provides diners with a contemporary journey through a variety of Italian flavours. Our ultimate aim is to grant customers a true Italian experience with classic flavours presented in a completely modern way, offering fresh and elaborate tastes in an incredible environment, rich in history with the Leonardo Da Vinci’s operas. 

What signature, must-try dishes can we expect to find on the menu?
We have a stunning linguine dish with fresh sea urchins, white asparagus and coffee dust on the menu. I’d highly recommend trying it, as it’s an incredible explosion of flavours.

Are there any offers that our readers should be aware of that are happening at Leonardo over the coming months?
We’ll soon be launching an exciting Thursday evening brunch concept, which will emphasise the Italian way of eating with the family, sharing dishes and enjoying a range of classic dishes. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started out as a chef…
My career as a chef started in France almost 10 years ago, working for Chef Alain Ducasse. During this period, I was able to learn all of the basics and came to appreciate the qualities of the food. Once ready, I decided to move on, so after five years I came back to Italy to work alongside Chef Heinz Beck. He was my real mentor, who taught me the finesse and the beauty of food. Following four amazing years in Italy, I recently took up the challenge of overseeing Leonardo, whereby I am putting everything I have learned over the last decade into practice. 

What are your favourite ingredients to cook with and why?
I love cooking with citrus fruits. I use them so often in my recipes, as I love the freshness that they can bring to every single dish.

Your favourite place in the world to visit for culinary offerings and why?
The best city I have found around the world for the food is Singapore. It comes out on top in so many areas; from the incredible quality of ingredients and the infinite variety of dishes. What’s more, the strong attachment that Singapore has for our sector can be felt in every corner of the city.

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