• Kale & kimchi fried rice

    Kale & kimchi fried rice

    Bring fried rice to life in this speedy supper with punchy, fermented kimchi. If you don’t have kale, you can use pak choi or whatever greens you prefer

  • Kimchi sesame udon noodles

    Kimchi sesame udon noodles

    Enjoy udon noodles with kimchi, radish and spring onion for a speedy midweek meal that delivers three of your 5-a-day. Top with a fried egg and chilli flakes

  • Kimchi


    Make a vegan version of kimchi (or kimchee) from this simple Korean recipe. Enjoy the umami flavours of the seaweed, whether you follow a plant-based diet or not

    More effort
  • Gochujang pork belly lettuce wraps

    Gochujang pork belly lettuce wraps

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    These pork belly wraps are flavoured with a gorgeous gochujang marinade. Serve on lettuce leaves alongside sushi rice, kimchi and crispy seaweed

  • Cabbage & chilli slaw

    Cabbage & chilli slaw

    Serve this cabbage and chilli slaw with doner kebabs. Chill for a day or two, and it will soften and transform into a lighter, kimchi-style slaw

  • Kimchi scrambled eggs

    Kimchi scrambled eggs

    Make a gut-friendly brunch with scrambled eggs and kimchi served on toasted wholemeal bread. Sprinkle with spring onions and a pinch of togarashi to finish

  • Kimchi fried rice

    Kimchi fried rice

    Find three of your 5-a-day in this quick and easy fried rice, bursting with fresh veg. Fermented foods such as kimchi help to promote good gut bacteria

  • Korean hot dogs

    Korean hot dogs

    Reinvent the hot dog with a tasty Korean twist. In place of onions and ketchup, try kimchi and spicy mayonnaise topped with carrot and sesame seeds

  • Korean fried chicken burgers

    Korean fried chicken burgers

    Copy the latest Korean street food trend with ultra-crisp, double-fried chicken, a quick kimchi slaw and lashings of sticky chilli sauce

    More effort
  • Korean clam broth – Jogaetang

    Korean clam broth – Jogaetang

    A warming seafood broth that's easy to make and low fat, great for a simple but special meal when you're short on time