• Maqlooba


    Try this Iraqi-inspired maqlooba. Meaning “upside-down”, it’s a special dish combining lamb chops, aubergine, tomatoes, basmati rice and potatoes

    More effort
  • Date & walnut loaf

    Date & walnut loaf

    Bake this rich date and walnut loaf at the weekend to enjoy during the week. You can freeze it for another day to serve to last-minute guests, too

  • Aloo chaat

    Aloo chaat

    Enjoy a popular Indian festival snack. These lemony fried potatoes are seasoned with cumin and chaat masala, with green chilli, red onion and pomegranate

  • Handesh


    Make a batch of sweet, golden-brown handesh, a Bengali deep-fried snack made from flour and date molasses. Delicious with a cup of tea or eaten with warm milk like cereal

  • Vegan custard

    Vegan custard

    Make our vegan coconut custard to pour over your favourite desserts. Made with coconut milk, it pairs beautifully with our carrot, coconut & date pudding

  • Date & tamarind sauce (sonth)

    Date & tamarind sauce (sonth)

    Serve this tangy date and tamarind sauce with everything from samosas and pakoras to crunchy street snacks and salads

  • Vegan date & walnut flapjacks

    Vegan date & walnut flapjacks

    Make these easy date & walnut flapjacks for elevenses, or when you need a pick-me-up. Plant-based and vegan, they’re ideal for anyone following a dairy-free diet

  • Spiced carrot, coconut & date pudding

    Spiced carrot, coconut & date pudding

    Love the drama of lighting a Christmas pudding? Spoon over a little triple sec or rum to this carrot, coconut and date pudding. If not, try our snowy topping

    More effort
  • Feta, date & spinach pastries

    Feta, date & spinach pastries

    Make the most of dates with these Middle Eastern-inspired sweet and savoury filo pastries. Packed with feta, dates and spinach, they make a great side dish