Review: Laguna Beach Taverna

Laguna Beach Taverna, situated on Palm Jumeirah, presents a serene ambience infused with boho chic elegance and an upscale culinary journey, complemented by beachside views and ambient chill-out music. The venue seamlessly transitions from a relaxed daytime setting to a vibrant and sophisticated evening destination, making it a dynamic and all-encompassing experience.

Immerse in a gastronomic adventure, savour Mediterranean-inspired dishes and the freshest seafood, complemented by refreshing beverages in a sandy setting that invites you to either indulge beside the ocean or relax on day beds.

The highlights

The exquisite small plates, including the well-balanced Manchego cheese & tasted sweet quince paste and the flavourful Bruschettas with olive tapenade, set the stage for a captivating dining experience.

Transitioning to the starters, the Beef Tartare stood out, showcasing a flawless blend of toasted sourdough, lemon, black truffle, and olive oil, allowing the exceptional freshness and quality of the ingredients to shine through. The Couscous salad, with its refreshing medley of pistachio, almond, pickled cucumber, crispy chickpeas, arugula, and candied tomato drizzled with balsamic, complemented the perfectly cooked Mussels in garlic butter sauce, creating a delectable seafood delight.

The main courses impressed with the Fried baby squid, showcasing the perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness, and the comforting Mafaldine pasta with osso buco sauce, enriched by black truffle, parmigiano, and parsley. The Baked Greek feta with honey & lemon stood out with its blend of sweet and savoury, accompanied by candy tomatoes, pomegranate, and parsley. The carnivore’s delight, Lambchop souvlaki, perfectly grilled and served with Canarias mojo rojo and truffle hummus, was another standout. The sides, including Traditional Greek ratatouille and Truffle parmesan fries, enhanced the main courses wonderfully.

As our culinary journey reached its sweet conclusion, the Crème catalan with vanilla custard and burnt sugar offered a classic and satisfying dessert option. The Laguna ice cream, featuring Greek yoghurt, candied lemon, amaretti biscuit, and caramelised almonds, provided a refreshing and palate-cleansing finale.

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