Review: Josette

1920s Parisian grandeur mesmerizes diners at this fine dining venue at DIFC. Josette, the brainchild of London-based artist and interior designer Luke Edward Hall, takes on the character of a spirited, elegant woman, inspired by French film actress Josette Day.

Upon first glance, diners will notice the space divided into two sections – the right boasting an up-close view of the grand stage and the bustling kitchen, while the left showcases a laid-back dining approach – the latter ideal for an intimate dinner. The star of the show is undoubtedly the interiors, from hand-made ceramics and mounted paintings to vibrant hues incorporated and mirrored ceilings, Josette truly is a site to marvel at.

The highlights

After a tour of the stunning space, we opted for a quiet spot right across the bar, beneath one of the striking chandeliers. We were promptly presented with an assortment of bread while perusing the menu brimming with an array of Parisian specialities with a modern flair. The cosy, intimate ambience with melodious old-school tunes by the resident DJ is surely enough company for the night, however, the restaurant amps up the heat with showstopping live performances hosted at regular intervals, accompanied by French music, traditional dances and more entertainment. To begin our meal, we chose the Calamars flits, Tarte a la truffe noire, and the Aubergine mille-feuille.

The fried calamari was presented in a shell alongside crunchy prawns and a creamy, tangy spiced mayo. The Tarte a la truffe noire followed, a delectable cheese-laden crisp flatbread topped with black truffle shavings, finally ending the first course with Aubergine mille-feuille featuring layers of tender, thinly cut slices drenched in tomato fondue and capsicum sauce. The mains were a hard decision since the menu entails risotto and pasta, sharing-style plates, rotisserie, and more to cater to all tastebuds. As per our server’s recommendation, we opted for the Entrecote CDP and Corden bleu.

The Entrecôte Cafe de Paris, a succulent grilled ribeye topped with Cafe de Paris sauce (slightly thick buttery sauce with herbs) was devoured with matchstick fries. The meat was tender and cooked to perfection, as per our preferred medium-rare temperature. Furthermore, the Cordon bleu, a crisp battered 400g veal chop, had just the right amount of Comte cheese layered in between, accompanied by veal jus and salad. After our hearty mains, the Le fondant au chocolate stunned. This star-shaped chocolate dessert topped with vanilla ice cream and a hot pour of warm white and dark chocolate sauce, fuses a mesh of colours for a flavourful combination – definitely our new favourite dessert in town!

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