Dinner review: Burger & Lobster, DIFC


Reviewed by Giorgia Guantario. 

What’s it like?

Stepping through the doors of Burger & Lobster, it doesn’t take a genius to understand what the restaurant is all about – on our left, a wall of lobster tanks filled with a bounty of red crustaceans welcomes us before reaching the front desk. The ambiance is very laid-back, with big red leather booths, edgy pendant lights and dark wood covering most surfaces. A member of staff kindly asks us if we’d prefer the smoking or non-smoking area, before leading us to our table which gives us a wonderful view of the open kitchen. At its side, we get a glimpse of the smoking area, which includes the restaurant’s bar and a maxi screen playing a football match.

What are the food highlights?

The menu is pretty straightforward, as you would expect from a restaurant that so boldly publicises its specialties in its own name. Simplicity doesn’t mean boring though, and our first starter, the ‘burger bombs’, is proof of that – burger meat and melted cheddar are incapsulated in crispy buns, reminding us of a fried version of a Chinese bao. Their signature homemade burger sauce elevates the dish, which would’ve risked being a bit too dry without it. We also try the spicy panko popcorn to get a first taste of lobster before our main course. The deep-fried panko breaded bites of lobster are crispy on the outside, while soft and juicy on the inside. Once again, we are very impressed with the sauce, which is just spicy enough to balance the sweetness of the lobster.

The delicious panko popcorn left us wanting for more lobster, so we opt for two rolls for our main course, the ‘Original’ and the ‘Seven Samurai’. The portion size is very generous – each roll comes with a side of fries, salad and a delicious lemon buttery sauce. The bread is some of the best we’ve ever tried, crispy enough without resulting dry. Unsurprisingly, the star of both dishes is the lobster. It’s very hard to say which one we preferred, mostly because the delicate flavour of the lobster changes drastically depending on the sauce it’s tossed in. In the Seven Samurai, Asian spices and a ‘secret mayo recipe’ cover the meat – the Asian spices perfectly complement the lobster, and whatever they put in the secret mayo works very well with the dish, giving it some nice freshness and acidity. On the other hand, true lobster lovers will have to try the Original, where the flavour of the red crustacean comes across in its most natural form. The meat is sweet, juicy and tender. We can’t taste much of the Japanese mayo it was tossed in, but we actually prefer it that way, as a little chive and lemon juice are all the lobster meat needs when it’s that fresh. If the lobster rolls are anything to go by, the whole lobster is a must-try, and we promise ourselves to go for it next time we visit.

To finish off, we try the chocolate brownie cookie – a lavish dessert with a strong American vibe to it. Although rich, the triple hot chocolate brownie cookie, served with salted caramel ice cream, isn’t too sweet and the size is perfectly manageable, something we really appreciate in a dessert.

How was the service?

From the second we walked through the doors (and past the massive lobster tanks), the staff are friendly, helpful and always on hand. The service is one of the quickest we’ve ever experienced and throughout the evening our waiter checks on us regularly, but not intrusively, showing a great level of attentiveness and care.

The bottom line: With its refreshing signature mixed drinks and relaxing vibe, Burger & Lobster is the perfect place for a laid-back dinner with friends. The menu will certainly satisfy every palate – the lobster is mouthwatering and great value for money, and the burgers are sumptuous and well-varied. Burger & Lobster is open at lunch and dinner, from 12PM to midnight from Saturday to Wednesday, and until 2AM on Thursday and Friday.

Details: For bookings, call 04 514 8838. To read more of our UAE restaurant reviews, click here