Review: Alizée Pool and Beach

Venturing into the relaxed ambience of Banyan Tree Dubai’s latest poolside addition, we found ourselves immersed in a laid-back escape, complete with chic Bohemian flair, private access to the beach and loungers dotted around the pool. Despite the buzz, we were fortunate to secure coveted front-row pool loungers, affording us prime views of the tranquil surroundings with the hotel as a perfect backdrop for photos.

As we settled into our sun-kissed sanctuary, we were presented with a refreshing fruit platter and invigorating coconut water to beat the heat. We couldn’t access the private beach as the waters were a bit choppy, so we dipped in and out of the pool instead.


As the hunger pangs kicked in, we gravitated towards the restaurant terrace tucked away at the corner of the hotel. In this picturesque setting, time seemed to stand still as we embraced the simple pleasures of relaxation. Perusing the menu, we were enticed by a medley of refreshing beverages, featuring fruit-infused concoctions and innovative sips.

Sharing-style plates are encouraged and we gladly obliged, as I wanted to try a bit of everything. The Tartare de betterave was a delightful starter, with tender beetroot confit with rosemary, white mustard and horseradish, served with baby gem lettuce. The Crevettes marinées offered a burst of citrusy freshness, showcasing lemon-marinated prawns drizzled with fragrant olive oil and basil. However, it was the Tarte fine à la tomates that stole the spotlight – a delicate balance of flaky pastry, tangy goat cheese, and caramelised onions, topped with thinly sliced juicy tomatoes.

Moving on to the main course, we savoured a Roasted baby chicken adorned in rich jus, alongside fingerling potatoes and mushrooms all doused in the moreish sauce. The Rigatoni enveloped in a sauce of asparagus and basil pesto with the creaminess of parmesan, delivered a burst of Mediterranean flavours, while the Grilled salmon fillet boasted perfectly cooked textures with accompaniments such as grilled vegetables and a creamy aioli that perfectly complemented the meal. Although we ate quite a bit, it felt like a light, satisfying lunch as the produce was fresh and wholesome.

The Apricot crumble and Chocolat pot de crème came in highly recommended, we ordered both to share. One would’ve been enough as each portion was incredibly generous, especially for a dessert. The crumble satiated our sweet cravings, exuding warmth and nostalgia with its almond-infused crumble and velvety vanilla pastry cream. The sinfully rich chocolate pot stole the show, with a white chocolate mousse quenelle and dark chocolate fluffy cream beneath. For those seeking an unparalleled blend of relaxation with fine Mediterranean fare for lunch, this hidden gem awaits guests.

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